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House In Colorado

Single-family house


Colorado, US

L project, 2022 - ongoing

The R&A single-family house is not only a house but a true home where all the inhabitants can integrate together while still having their privacy if needed.

The building's shape consists of three clean, geometrical forms conveniently connected by the communication zone with a representable staircase. The varied heights of the cuboids and the freely positioned windows reflect the playful nature of the family that will live there. The house keeps an informal character, warmly inviting the residents and the guests inside. The differentiated forms interspersed with vegetation create safe enclosures in the busy neighbourhood.

Situated on a slope, the house takes advantage of the natural conditions, integrating with the surroundings. The ground, structured with multifunctional terraced stairs and cuts, allows natural light to penetrate all the rooms. The interior is flexible, practical and family-oriented. The most important functions are located on the first floor, while the basement is planned for further development, containing convertible spaces such as a home office, guest room and play area for kids.

The project is currently under construction >>>


HAA&D is an international architecture and design office based in Berlin, specializing in high-end, holistic, sustainable, and minimalist designs. We create bespoke, luxurious spaces tailored to each client's unique vision using the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail.

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