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Internship - Architecture 

Thank you for your interest in our office, we get many requests and we read them all. We would love to give you all an option to shine. However, we cannot reply all. If you want to have your internship with HAA&D, please make sure you have at the very minimum the following requirements: 

- You are in your 4th year or more of education 
- Compulsory internship  (university requirement)
- Excellent AutoCAD skills as well as Illustrator, Photoshop & SketchUp/ Rhino
- Good communication skills in English, German is an advantage
- EU residency/ work permit  
- Minimum 4 months  
- Self-sufficient

*** Unfortunately, due to the high demand and multiple emails, we do not have the ability to respond to every email. Inquiries that do not meet the requirements will not be answered ***

- Scholarship (Erasmus+ etc.)
- Any other language 
- Writing & research skills 

Please send an email with your portfolio (max.5 MB) to:

Title: "Internship Architecture + (Your name)" or "Internship Product Design + (Your name)".

Please specify the dates you would like to join us and if you fulfil all the above mentioned requirements.

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