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HAA&D is an international, Berlin based studio for architectural services and interior design. We specialize in providing sustainable architectural services in Europe and Asia including high level project management focusing specifically on enhancing the environment and planning for the future. We provide architectural services at any scale for investors and private owners.


HAA&D is an international, Berlin-based studio for urban renewal projects, architectural services & interior design founded by Ms. Hagar Abiri, a Swiss- and Berlin-registered architect

(SIA & AK-Berlin) in 2014.


Our passion lies in creating exceptional architecture and interior design with an holistic, sustainable and minimalist approach. Our guiding principles are rooted in respecting the urban environment, the Earth, and the local culture (ESG). We aim to provide sustainable, responsible and innovative design solutions for our clients.

HAA&D provides architectural services both in Europe and beyond. We cater to investors and private owners with an array of architectural services for projects of all scales.

HAA&D is planning for the future, focusing on sustainability specialising in intervention within existing structures, modernisation, redevelopment & conservation while leading a total design approach - from the building's envelope to its interior.

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