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New apartments on the rooftop of an existing building, 874m²


Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin, Germany

M project, Under construction 

Combining modern and traditional, the PR33 project is about constructing new housing units on the rooftop of a building from 1906, located in the heart of Berlin. The concept is inspired by the building's traditional look and crossroad-shaped features. The result is a mélange of traditional and modern - representing old and new intertwined. 


The high-end designed rooms are very bright and minimalistic. Combining dark and light colours with one another and giving the interior a touch of constructed edges make the space look artistic and timeless. 

The project stands out on the top of the building in a subtle way through the long balcony providing a private space in the surrounding bustling city life.

HAA&D is an architecture office with a focus on sustainability that integrates original aesthetic concepts with the personal preferences of the client.

With every project, we aim to create a beautiful place that is uniquely tailored to each client through the use of the finest materials and carefully thought-out, high-end designs.

Contact HAA&D to begin your journey with us.

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