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Historic Building Redevelopment 1,605 


Charlottenburg, Berlin, Germany

M project, Ongoing

HAA&D is currently responsible for the reconstruction of the attic floor of a unique historical building located in the heart of Charlottenburg, Berlin, converting it into to exclusive rooftop apartments.

The buildings stand out not only due to their unique location directly at the Spree river, but also their architectural style of the Wilhelminian Era. They accommodate a total of 21 and 24 residential units. The building was erected in the early 1900s, making the project's planning and construction a demanding and sensitive process, which is now executed with utmost care. The goal is to sustain the buildings' former glory while upgrading the properties to highlight the potential of the surrounding urban area. The renovation follows HAA&D's sustainable, eco-friendly values. The rooftop is planned as a low-energy project based on a wooden construction insulated with straw. 


Located in the heart of Berlin, this project involved the careful modernization of a historic building. Our holistic approach ensured that the redevelopment respected the building's heritage while introducing modern, sustainable features tailored to our client's needs.


HAA&D is an international architecture and design office based in Berlin, specializing in high-end, holistic, sustainable, and minimalist designs. We create bespoke, luxurious spaces tailored to each client's unique vision using the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail.

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