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Lyon's France, Memorial

The Holocaust Memorial Lyon

Lyon, France


M project, 2023

The concept of the Holocaust Memorial in Lyon revolves around the urban setting. The memorial serves as a connector, seamlessly integrating into the city fabric. It forms a bridge between the street, station, and square, creating a unified space that invites public engagement and serves as an educational platform. The volume design draws inspiration from The Star of David, a powerful symbol of identity and resilience. It embodies the strength and endurance of the Jewish community.

Within this volume, however, a deliberate void exists, representing the missing part symbolising the victims of the Holocaust. This void within the solid mass becomes a poignant reminder of the lost lives, leaving an indelible mark on collective memory.

Overall, the concept combines the urban context with a meaningful volume design, creating a memorial that not only pays tribute to the past but also educates and engages the public, fostering a deep understanding of the Holocaust's historical significance.

Team: Lucija Lisjak, Justyna Piasta

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