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The Marker Design Challenge


Competition 2022

First Prize Winner

The SHED LIGHT marker was created to tell the  story  of  women in architecture that are often left in the shadow, whereas their place should be in the spotlight.


This marker consists of metal letters placed perpendicular to the wall - this minimal intervention creates a line that  may be almost  invisible to a passerby. However, when lit from the top by the Sun during the day or by artificial  light during the night, the marker casts a shadow on the facade, revealing the full name of the woman who designed the building.

The marker is universal and can be used on every surface, in different positions, showing as many names as needed. It is subtle in form, yet direct and powerful in meaning. Its mission is to make people notice and remember the female  names that are missing in the architectural context. It makes it possible for women to step into the light and take their well-deserved place in the history of architecture.

Project lead: Justyna Piasta

Publication: Buildner

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