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schoenhauser_5th floor_1_living_tz4.jpg

Interior design, 834 m² penthouse 


Berlin, Germany

S project, 2019



The former linen factory from the 19th century lays behind a historical building from 1858 used as a summer residence and is the oldest war-surviving resident building in Prenzlauer Berg. In 2010 it was renovated and returned to its original condition.

HAA&D was hired to help convert its interiors into high-end, modern living spaces by introducing a new layout.

The SA55 Penthouse is a slick and bright layout and interior design project of a spacious and functional space in which each room has an individual character.
Using light-coloured materials and textures created a welcoming space, opening itself to the surrounding outdoor terraces. The glazed walls of the rooms allow sun access while still creating intimate spaces when covered.

HAA&D is an architecture office with a focus on sustainability that integrates original aesthetic concepts with the personal preferences of the client.

With every project, we aim to create a beautiful place that is uniquely tailored to each client through the use of the finest materials and carefully thought-out, high-end designs.

Contact HAA&D to begin your journey with us.

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