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Interior design, 93 m² apartment  (Altbau)


Berlin, Germany

S project, 2019


Berlin is an old city with the most sought-after spaces being the old beautiful Altbau apartments. 
One of HAA&D’s top priorities is the careful combination of modern and traditional and making sure these two concepts can exist hand in hand. 

The interior design was developed with consideration for the building's history and age, as well as the clients' tastes and architectural preferences. 

Although the apartment was given a completely new layout, the wooden flooring was preserved and the raw brick wall was exposed in certain areas. The place was renovated using old but regenerated pieces (such as the door handles) combined with minimalistic, modern ones.

 HAA&D is an international architecture and design office based in Berlin, specializing in high-end, holistic, sustainable, and minimalist designs. We create bespoke, luxurious spaces tailored to each client's unique vision using the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail.

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