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Interior design, a 25m² micro apartment in an existing building

Tel-Aviv Jaffa, Israel


XS project, 2020

Located in Israel's cultural and commercial capital Tel Aviv, the custom-designed micro-apartment is inspired by the local Mediterranean-oriental style, translated into a modern and minimalist design.

The world's population is rising dramatically, pushing the topic of micro apartments and smart, compact architecture more and more into the spotlight. This multifunctional space makes it possible to have a comfortable living environment in a limited space while not missing out on any comfortable commodities. 

Through innovative planning, custom-designed carpentry, matching marble surfaces and warm-coloured minimalistic taps, HAA&D was able to create a beautiful, “spacious” and most importantly smart space.


HAA&D is an architecture office with a focus on sustainability that integrates original aesthetic concepts with the personal preferences of the client.

With every project, we aim to create a beautiful place that is uniquely tailored to each client through the use of the finest materials and carefully thought-out, high-end designs.

Contact HAA&D to begin your journey with us.

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