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Interior design, 118 m² mini penthouse 


Berlin, Germany


S project, 2019


The concept for the apartment originated in its bright southeast orientation and the feeling of brightness provided by the urban yet very green skyline. The design concept creates a loft-style space with a minimal, geometrical look. 

Just like in our other interior projects, the use of natural wood is a recurring theme in the ambience of the apartment. Other biophilic elements include plants as decoration, warm light and big windows to ensure beautiful views. 

Custom-planned lighting adds a unique character to the place. White light fixtures blend in gently with the rooms, while the black wires shaped in geometrical forms create a strong contrast. The project is also known as Berliner Luft ("Berlin air" in German).


HAA&D is an international architecture and design office based in Berlin, specializing in high-end, holistic, sustainable, and minimalist designs. We create bespoke, luxurious spaces tailored to each client's unique vision using the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail.

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Photos: Sabine Zoltnere

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