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Furniture family


We are happy to present our new project - HER - a furniture family of two dining chairs, a stool, a lounge chair, a coffee and a dining table.

The HER family answers the question: what if diversity is visible around the table, even when no one uses it?

The goal is to create a harmonising row of chairs that can accommodate a wide variety of people, all being able to sit at the same level at the table without displaying any sense of hierarchy. The family initiates a dialogue about the needs of each individual and how today’s standards cater only to an “average person".


While the core design of the chairs - its width, height, arm- or backrest - serves the purpose of comfort and user-dependent needs, the design language flows seamlessly, making the chair an art piece. The shapes were inspired by a human body - soft yet sturdy, similar to each other yet diverse. The main features are the minimal, rounded edges and the continuous line that forms a strong frame for the furniture. All the designed items are in massive white, smoked or black oak wood, providing a pleasant and warm look and touch. 


The family of HER communicates: we are made out of the same material, yet we look different. We stand out, we are playful, and we remain beautiful like all our users.


Check out the magazine below to discover HER background story, including the research, creative thinking process and design concept. 

HAA&D is an architecture office with a focus on sustainability that integrates original aesthetic concepts with the personal preferences of the client.

With every project, we aim to create a beautiful place that is uniquely tailored to each client through the use of the finest materials and carefully thought-out, high-end designs.

Contact HAA&D to begin your journey with us.

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