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HAA&D is an international, Berlin based studio for architectural services and interior design. We specialize in providing sustainable architectural services in Europe and Asia including high level project management focusing specifically on enhancing the environment and planning for the future. We provide architectural services at any scale for investors and private owners.



Sustainable Architecture, Design, and Consultation for Real Estate and Hospitality

We believe that the essence of design lies in harmonizing with nature and respecting local cultures. Our guiding principles are rooted in ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices, paving the way for innovative, responsible, and sustainable design solutions. Our portfolio spans both architectural services and interior design, creating spaces that enhance the urban environment while preserving the planet.

Architectural Brilliance Meets Sustainability. Our passion for exceptional design is matched only by our commitment to sustainability. We're not just architects; we're stewards of the environment. With a focus on intervention within existing structures, modernization, redevelopment, and conservation, we take a holistic approach, from the building's envelope to its interior. Every step is an opportunity to enhance sustainability and efficiency.

Strategic Consultation for a Greener Tomorrow. HAA&D's expertise extends beyond design. We're pioneers in offering consultation services that revolutionize real estate and hospitality. Our specialization in high-level project management equips us to guide investors and private owners towards a more sustainable future. We collaborate to strategize, implement, and achieve green building certifications, energy efficiency enhancements, and innovative hospitality solutions.

Our Reach: Europe and Beyond. With our home in Berlin, we span borders and oceans. Our consultancy services aren't confined by geography; they're amplified by technology. We extend our offerings globally, including online consultation, catering to international companies seeking sustainable and innovative solutions in real estate and hospitality across Europe and beyond.


Partner with Us: Shaping the Future Together. Collaborate with HAA&D to redefine spaces, drive sustainability, and embrace innovation. Whether you're in Europe, Asia, or beyond, our expertise is at your service. Join us in creating a world where design and sustainability walk hand in hand.

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