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Yoga House on a Cliff Competition


Oleiros, Portugal


L project 2021

The yoga-retreat building's design is inspired by a local traditional building technology using the four elements (earth, fire, air and water). The flexibility and tranquillity associated with yoga are depicted in the architecture. 

The earth element is represented by a traditional stone wall that provides stability, while the air element is seen in a contemporary open-ended form. The fireplace was designed in the centre of the structure, representing the fire element - an area traditionally known as the gathering place. The water element is integrated by the green roof, which absorbs it and makes it part of the structure.

All materials used are locally sourced and organic to create a physical connection with nature. The interior is made of wood and clay to protect the space from toxins and excess moisture. Structural complexity creates tension, but also creates a perfect harmony between tradition and modernity.

What makes the project so special is its ability to make sure the connection with nature stays intact. The various views contribute to its regenerative purpose making sure the users also benefit from the positive effects nature has on the human mind. The building opens towards the south making it possible as a visitor to witness the sun's cycle from sunrise to sunset. ​

Project lead: Ola Kopeć





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