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KäBlick C Model

Holiday Accommodation Units


Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, Germany

L project (21.621 m²), 2022 - ongoing

HAA&D’s primary focus lays in architecture which creates a connection point between people and nature. With this in mind,  31 units in 3 different sizes and typologies were designed to blend into the environment, allowing visitors to become a part of the natural surroundings and profit from its regenerative effects. 


Backed up by research on the surrounding animal and plant life, all units and the park are planned with sustainable values, eco-friendly methods and systems. These range from the used lighting to used materials, keeping in mind a high-end standard and user experience. 

The project is a total-design concept, from masterplan to furniture and light. 

HAA&D is an architecture office with a focus on sustainability that integrates original aesthetic concepts with the personal preferences of the client.

With every project, we aim to create a beautiful place that is uniquely tailored to each client through the use of the finest materials and carefully thought-out, high-end designs.

Contact HAA&D to begin your journey with us.


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