Retreat Centre, competition 2021

The yoga-retreat building’s design is inspired by the local traditional building technology, the classical elements (the 4 elements) and the landscape.

The building is a dialogue between the tradition, expressed with stone-made walls, providing stability (Earth) and the free modern shape with its core lifted and opens to all sides( Air).


The structure facilities a flame in its centre, that create a protected gathering point outdoors (Fire) and absorbs water on its green rooftop while recycling the water that drains.

The walls support the light, modern-shaped elements and allows them to float above the ground. They also divide the structure into 3 parts following the meditation stages from west to east:
1. Being awake (active area)
2. Falling a sleep (In between area)
3. Deep sleep (Yoga- Meditation space)

The 3 parts were rotated to follow the natural hill outline and reveals deferring view/ perspective from eace location indoors towards the outdoor’s landscape and it could open up to maximise the connection to nature while keeping the users comfortable.

The materials used are all local and organic. The interior is wood and clay to keep the space healthy and to provide the feeling of connection to the ground.

The structure complexity is creating a tension and at the same time- perfect harmony, between the tradition and the modern The building opens towards the energetic south, situated in/ witnessing the day’s circle between sunrise and sunset.


Project leader: Ola Kopeć