Research & Open Source 

The project was triggered by the corona world crises and as a respond to the social distance instruction, encouraging social decentralization had increased the demand to move out of the city.  Out of the believe that climate change is still the biggest challenge we are facing (humans and nature as one), we wish to promote relevant and actual subjects in the daily urban plan discussion and bring interdisciplinary voices into the architectural field.


The project will collect input in an open – shared manner in order to engage the public and relate to real life situations from all life aspects in order to challenge future urban planning and inspire re-development of existing traditional settings.


Keeping super subjects in mind (global warming related issues, lifestyle, infrastructure etc.) the project will tackle more specific topics with urban- user perspective and examine their expression in the urban space scenario (compared and demonstrated in variant cities)


The project was initiated by Arch. Prima Surya Abdullah (Jakarta, Indonesia) and Arch. Hagar Abiri (Berlin, Germany). It will be distributed in social media and is collaborating with the online platform and publisher Urban Next.

 We wish to promote information & ideas sharing involving variant disciplines . You are welcome to follow the project and contribute to it with ideas and input. Please contact us: Berlin Office/ Jakarta Office 

Collaboration with Kodekons, Indonesia.